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Lingerie as a Gift
If you want something longer-lasting and a bit cheekier than flowers for your Valentine, lingerie is always an option. Although, it you're buying for a secret love, this may not be such a good idea - a bit too presumptuous and suggestive maybe.

But if you're buying a gift for your current lover then it could be a great present... for you both. The eternal fear, however, is that you'll offend her by buying the completely wrong size - pants too big, bra too small, the scope for mistakes is daunting.

Considering that sales assistants in shops are unlikely to let you have a feel to work out your lady's size. shopping online for lingerie can be a good option. It will save you the embarrassment of browsing, bewildered, in an actual lingerie store, not knowing what to ask for. You can just hunt around online until you find something which you think looks good and will hopefully make her feel good too. There are plenty of stores online and to help you out a bit, there's a good selection which you can connect to from the Women's Fashion page of

'But', you say, 'that doesn't solve the problem of choosing the right size'. True, it doesn't, which is why you should make sure that the site that you are buying from has a returns or exchange policy which will enable you to remedy any mistakes, if it comes to that.

But you really don't want to spoil Valentine's Day with ill-chosen lingerie. So here's a couple of suggestions to avoid making those mistakes in the first place.

- Ask a mutual female friend for help. She might actually know the girl in question's size if she's particularly close to her. Even if she doesn't know for sure, she may be able to give you a better idea of her size than you could guess on your own. She may even help you with a few suggestions of colours and styles.

- If you're a bit shy to ask or don't have the right person to get info from, just sneak a peak. If you live together this will be easy. Even if you don't, look out for an opportunity to have a look - how easy this is will of course vary depending on the status of your relationship.

- If neither of the above work for you, then you can always go with the safe option of a slip or sexy dressing gown - it's much harder to go wrong there as it doesn't have to fit perfectly in all the right places.

So, lingerie shopping may be a little risky, but it's worth taking a chance, especially with these pointers to help you browse online for something perfect. The risky challenge may be paid off with a risque evening!

[ Lisa ]

Friday 8th February, 2008

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